Commitment to Sustaining Quality Journalism

Journalism is a pillar of our democracy, yet it is facing great pressure as both an enduring, trusted institution and a viable business enterprise. The O’Toole Family Foundation believes that sustaining quality journalism and preserving democracy go hand in hand.

The Foundation is committed to sustaining quality journalism through their funding of scholarships that encourage the best and brightest to pursue journalism careers and train them to meet the highest standards of reporting, editing, and ethics. The Foundation also supports initiatives seeking to help the industry adapt to the changing media consumption and advertising landscape through research and dialogue on sustainable, replicable business models for media outlets, particularly local ones.

Edward Trayes Scholarship

The O’Toole Family Foundation funds an annual scholarship through the Dow Jones News Fund for participants of the editing internship residency at Temple University. The Edward Trayes Scholarship is named for Dr. Edward Trayes, Director of Temple’s Center for Editing Excellence. Terry attended the program as a student at Villanova before spending his summer interning at The Wall Street Journal.

The Center for Editing Excellence’s internship residency is a 10-day program that prepares students for internships at partner newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. Students are provided with resources and training in terms of editing, writing and multimedia.

Focused on providing opportunities for students showing promise in the field of journalism, scholarships are awarded to outstanding interns in the program, many of whom have gone on to work at major news outlets across the U.S.

Past recipients include graduates who are now working at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and other leading news organizations.

O’Toole Family Endowed Fund for Excellence in Journalism

In 1995, the Foundation established the O’Toole Family Endowed Fund for Excellence in Journalism. The endowment provides funds that support both the training and development of student journalists at The Villanovan, the official student newspaper of Villanova University, as well as operating costs for the paper. Terry worked as a reporter, and then editor-in-chief of The Villanovan as an undergraduate.

Business of Journalism

In response to this rapidly changing industry in the digital age where news outlets, particularly local ones, are consolidating or closing on an accelerating basis, the industry’s continued financial viability requires the identification, development and adoption of new business models. The O’Toole Family Foundation is committed to developing forums and initiatives that explore these new business models and disseminate them throughout the media industry.

Dow Jones News Fund Internship
Dow Jones News Fund intern at the Center for Editing Excellence at Temple University.