Edward Trayes Scholarship

Dow Jones News Fund Editing Internship Residency at Temple University


About The O’Toole Family Foundation

Founded in 1993, The O’Toole Family Foundation is a national non-profit organization co-chaired by Terry and Polly O’Toole. The Foundation’s priority concerns are education, sustaining quality journalism, and life and wellbeing. Donations are made to a range of organizations in these areas including educational and healthcare institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and public radio.
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Supporting educational opportunities and institutions through scholarship, facility and endowment funding

The O'Toole Family Foundation provides high school and college scholarships to students in the greater Newark, New Jersey region and facility and endowment funding to Villanova University, Stanford University and other educational institutions. Learn More

Life & Wellbeing

Supporting cultural and athletic programs and institutions that promote wellbeing and enrich life

Enhancing and developing programs in the areas of arts and athletics creates a sense of community. The O’Toole Family Foundation supports programs and institutions that enrich life through the arts, athletics and physical wellbeing. Learn More

Sustaining Quality Journalism

Helping to train the next generation of journalists and identify the business models that will sustain quality journalism well into the future

There are significant challenges facing journalism and the news media today, from the rise of fake news and non-traditional news channels, to the financial decline of trusted media institutions that have long been a cornerstone of democracy. The O’Toole Family Foundation recognizes these challenges and supports programs that seek to sustain the quality of news reporting and the viability of institutions that provide it. Learn More